Ukrainian shellfire leaves Western Gorlovka without power

May 08, 2020 10:32

Donetsk, May 8 – DAN. Shirokaya Balka west of Gorlovka has been left without power following Ukrainian shellfire, the DPR Ministry of Coal and Energy said.

“Residents of the Shirokaya Balka settlement have been left without power after a series of attacks on May 7, 5.12 p.m. had left a 10kV “Trikotazhnaya – TP-718″ power line damaged. Five substations and 225 households were shut off. ”

Repair works are impeded by continuing shelling from Ukrainian positions.

Currently the engineers of the Regional Energy Company are inspecting the line.

“If the situation allows, repair works will be carried out as soon as possible,” the ministry said.*ot