Donetsk, Oct 1 - DAN. The weather in the Donetsk People’s Republic will return to normal within a day, deputy head of the Republic’s Weather Service Hydrometeorology Department Margarita Kiyanenko said on Thursday.

“Within a day, the wind will weaken and visibility will improve to 100 percent,” the Weather Service press centre quoted her as saying.

On September 30, the DPR found itself in the zone of two interacting pressure centres, an anticyclone coming from the east and a cyclone from the west. It caused gale force winds of 20 to 25 metres per second bringing dust from Kalmyk steppes.  Visibility worsened to one kilometre.

The second half of the day in Donetsk was windy and cloudy and the sky was yellowish. A sand and dust cloud precipitated on surfaces; it was particularly conspicuous on cars, windows and clothes.*jk