Donetsk, Sep 20 - DAN. The statement by speaker of the Ukrainain delegation in the Contact Group Alexey Arestovich on punishing Donbass residents for participation in the Russian parliamentary election shows the poverty of his intellect, chairman of the DPR parliament committee on foreign policy, international relations, information policy and information technologies Vladislav Berdichevsky told the Donetsk News Agencies on Monday.

On Sunday, Arestovich said that Ukraine “would prosecute the Donbass residents who participated in voting in the State Duma election for “abetting the enemy,” alleging​ that these voters should think of fleeing Donbass.

“The persons around Ukrainian authorities are villains and rascals. Arestovichis is a swindler who allegedly carries out the information fight, but in actual fact, he suffers from poverty of intellect,” Berdichevsky said.”Earlier, Ukraine promised to destroy everybody involved in the Russian Spring, we remember it, but they have forgotten that they have long lost to Donbass. So Arestovich’s new remarks are yet another proof that we’ve made the right choice.”

He added that Donbass Republics citizens who have not yet realised the criminal nature of Kiev authorities should think about “whether they wish that their children and grandchildren live in one country with those who view them as second rate people for wishing to live on the soil of their Great Motherland.” *jk