Donetsk, Aug 24 - DAN. Enterprises in Ukraine-controlled Selidovo industrial site between Kurakhovo and Krasnoarmeisk settlements threaten the local ecology, DPR’s Joint Inspection Commission warned on Thursday.

“Ecology is a major problem in the Selidovo Industrial Zone, which the authorities hardly mention,” DPR Emergencies Ministry press service quoted Joint Commission members as saying. “The economy of the towns located in the industrial zone is based on coal production which contributes to environmental pollution.”

Selidovo’s major producers are the coalmines 1/3 Novgorodskaya, Rossiya, D.S.Korotchenko, Ukraina and Kurakhovskaya, as well as the mining processing plants Rossiya, Ukraina, Selidovskaya and Kurakhovskaya.
The facilities’ harmful atmospheric emissions comprise 25 percent of dust, 30 percent of sulphur dioxide, 20 percent of nitrogen dioxide and 25 percent of carbonic monoxide and amount to 5,000 tons a year in total.

Some companies dump pollutants into the river Volchya, a tributary of the Dnepr, as well as in the Severskiy Donetsk (a fisheries industry operation area). Waste water has a high content of minerals and heavy metals (manganese, copper, iron, chrome, nickel and zinc) which exceeds permissible limits for fisheries, the DPR Emergencies Ministry said.

The joint Inspection Commission for monitoring safety levels at companies in Kiev-held territory was set up upon DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko’s order within the scope of the Donbass people reunification humanitarian programmes. It includes representatives of all dedicated ministries, department and government services, as well as scientists and activists.*jk