Donetsk, Sep 23 - DAN. After two years of negotiations, Ukraine has passed to Donetsk remains of a Donetsk People’s Republic resident who went missing in 2014, DPR ombudswoman Darya Morozova said on Thursday.

“Following two years of talks, we’ve managed to return home the remains of citizen M who had been listed as missing,” Morozova said. “The victim was identified two years ago, and all this time, Ukraine has been flatly refusing to hand over the bone remains to the Republic. “

“It was only after insistent persuasion and arguments that citizen M’s mother was seriously ill that we succeeded in arranging the handover to our territory,” she said.

The ombudswoman urged Ukraine to take more vigorous actions in the search for and identification of persons who went missing during the conflict.

“If we don’t join efforts to expedite the process, it will drag on for dozens of years,” she said. “It is our duty to do it for the sake of the families that lost the most precious and important in this life,” the ombudswoman added.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian delegation in the Contact Group said that the remains belonged to a man who went missing in Slavyansk in June 2014.*jk