Donetsk, Oct 29 – DAN. Ukrainian military have been banned from using drones equipped with flash cards after a tape showing a truck with Ukrainian JCCC Mission insignia emerged, the DPR deputy chief-of-staff Eduard Basurin.

The SBU was investigating the release of the footage  by the DPR People's Militia as it showed that the truck with JCCC insignia was involved in a combat mission.

"To prevent further incriminating leaks when another drone is brought down, Ukrainian counter-intelligence ordered the JFO units to stop using UAVs with flash memory cards when their roots cross the line of contact and to make videos at the ground control stations."

Basurin added that using JCCC insignia to complete combat tasks at frontline positions is commonplace in the Ukrainian army.

The video tape proving that Ukrainian forces used a JCCC-disguised truck to relocate a mortar and ammunition was released on October 22, after a Ukrainian UAV equipped with a camera had been brought down outside Vasilyievka. *ot