Donetsk, June 4 – DAN. Ukrainian authorities stultify their policies towards Donbass by careless and indifferent laws and bills adopted regardless of existing agreements, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

In a shoddy move, Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky has enforces the decision of the National Security and Defense Council on "galvanizing peace settlement in Donbass" tasking the government with developing draft laws on something referred to as "transitional period justice".

"A detailed review makes it perfectly clear that no peace settlement is embedded in this initiative. The exact contents of the laws is still unknown, but we have no positive expectations based on the projects released in February this year," Nikonorova said.

First of all, she said, Minsk Agreements do not operate the notion of a "transitional period justice". Kiev nevertheless lobbies this particular phrasing ignoring the activities it is supposed to engage in in accordance with the Package of Measures. Kiev's rhetoric is provocative, Nikonorova said, and distorts the spirit of the Minsk Agreements as it tries to exclude the DPR and LPR from the negotiations.

Besides, the transitional justice does not imply Donbass being granted its special status, as this key term is not mentioned. Instead, a "special legal regime" is mentioned, but not defined.

"It leads to negative assumptions only, as we remember Ukrainian government's draft law on internment, providing for the establishment of concentration camps."

The new law is also discriminatory by nature as it sets forth discrimination on national and linguistic basis, limits rights to cross the contact line, cements possibility of lustration against DPP and LPR residents, preserves and further aggravates Donbass economic blockade.*ot