Delegations of 18 countries, including USA, Germany and Belgium visit DPR on Republic Day

May 14, 2019 11:18

Donetsk, May 14 – DAN. More than 160 foreign guests attended the events in the Donetsk People’s Republic celebrating an anniversary of the Donbass self-determination referendums, the DPR Foreign Ministry reported.

“Republic Day celebrations saw more than 160 foreign guests from 18 countries,” the Ministry said adding that the guests included residents of Russia, the United States, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Syria and other countries.

The DPR marks Republic Day on May 11. Five years ago, the former Donetsk region held a self-determination referendum involving three-thirds of the local population. The plebiscite participants had to answer this question “Do you support the declaration of state independence of the Donetsk People’s Republic?” Nearly 90 percent supported Donbass sovereignty.

In 2019, Donetsk remained the traditional centre of Republic Day festivities. Among the key events were the Timeline March, a rally called “Our Choice is Russia” on Lenin Square, a concert of Russian artists, an award giving ceremony for foreign guests etc.*jk