Kiev has to put up with DPR, LPR being de-facto states – Nikonorova

May 01, 2020 9:45

Donetsk, May 1 – DAN. DPR and LPR participation in the Donbass talks testifies to their actual subjectivity within the negotiations, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova.

She said in her comments on the recent videoconference of the Normandy Four foreign ministers that Ukraine had once again brought up the issue of “illegal formations” trying to avoid direct dialog with Donbass.

“We would like to remind Ukrainian public servants that the signatures of both Ukraine’s and Republics’ representatives have been put under the Minsk Agreements next to each other, including those approved by the UN Security Council. Not to mention that we have been directly meeting and talking in Minsk for more than  five years. Kiev has to come to terms with the fact that the guarantor countries, Ukraine included, have de-facto recognized our subjectivity and a full-fledged right to participate in the talks.”

Nikonorova welcomed the Normandy’s Four yet another reaffirmation of the December 2019 communique importance, though only one article has been partially fulfilled so far. She noted positively the fact that Ukraine had been asked to commit to its obligations, including those concerning additional measures to control the truce.

She said that the decision on the importance of social and economic agenda implementation is a good signal. *ot