Nikonorova calls on UNSC to make Ukraine fulfill the Agreements

December 02, 2020 21:40

Donetsk, Dec 2 – DAN. The UNSC has all necessary leverages to call on Ukraine to fulfill the Minsk Agreements and bring the military action to an end, said DPR Foreign Minister Natalia Nikonorova speaking at an Arria-Formula basis today at the UNSC event.

“We have a question to ask the UNSC as an institution that endorsed the Package of Measures and the embedded peace plan. How will you react, if at all, to Ukraine’s official renouncement of its obligations under the document endorsed by the UNSC? Will you allow Ukraine to unleash its army, tanks, aircrafts, ISIS-inspired fighters against 4.5 million of civilians in Donbass?”

Nikonorova emphasized that Ukraine has not fulfilled any of the Minsk Agreement articles and decisions of the Normandy Four summit.

“The situation in the peace process is critical. We imagine, the UNSC is a body that has the right and necessary leverages to call on Ukraine to take responsibility and react.”

The “Arria-formula meetings” are very informal, confidential gatherings, which enable Security Council members to have a frank and private exchange of views, within a flexible procedural framework.

Today’s meeting covered the issues of the Minsk Agreements implementation, the obstacles in the peace settlement and analyses of possible solutions to the crisis. *ot