Ukraine’s southern Donbass shooting meant to stop OSCE patrol – DPR militia

September 21, 2020 15:30

Donetsk, Sep 21 – DAN. Ukrainian servicemen, by opening fire in southern Donbass on Monday morning, wanted to stop the OSCE mission from patrolling the contract line, the Donetsk People’s Republic People’s Militia said.

The Kiev army opened fire at DPR areas twice on Monday morning. The Zaichenko and Leninskoye village areas in southern DPR came under grenade launcher fire.

“Unaimed fire from the Ukrainian army’s 36th Separate Marines Brigade positions was delivered in connection with the presence of a OSCE patrol in the area. The objective was to make OSCE personnel stop the monitoring and leave the dangerous zone,” the DPR militia said.

The purpose of the provocation was to prevent the monitors from getting to the site of engineer works conducted in violation of the additional ceasefire control measures. To clarify the situation, the Donetsk News Agency sent an enquiry to OSCE mission personnel. There have been no comments so far.*jk