Donetsk, June 26 – DAN. Registration of DPR Representative Office in France went smoothly and took about three weeks, said a member of the registartion committee Svetlana Kiseleva.

"The DPR representative office has been registered with Marseille Prefecture without any problems. A simplified procedure was used."

The registration took three weeks, in accordance with the French law.

"Full package of documents has been collected, the decision on opening the center was published in the French Journal Officiel.

Kiseleva said the idea to establish ties with France emerged immediately after the Foreign Ministry had been established. Marseille mayor’s office associate, president of the national council of entrepreneurs of Bouches-du-Rhône, former regional counsellor of Provence Gérald-Hubert Fayard initiated the cooperation. He has been appointed the head of the Representative Office.

The office is to be launched. The sides signed a protocol providing for partnership in the spheres of culture and social life.
Nikonorova said earlier that DPR representative offices were to be launched in several EU countries in 2017. Earlier the fourth DPR representative office was launched in Athens, offices also operate in the Czech Republic, Italy and Finland. *ot