Donetsk, Mar 1 – DAN. Ukraine’s representative in the humanitarian subgroup Irina Geraschenko systematically and intentionally distorts facts on the Minsk talks to mislead the public, said DPR Ombudswoman Daria Morozova.

Morozova said that Geraschenko's attitude is consistent with Kiev's reluctance to settle the conflict. The humanitarian group coordinator from the OSCE Toni Frisch has to waste time to deny her public allegations.

"I want to hope that Ukrainian government will take measures to make sure Kiev's authorized representatives, who are able to make decisions on all agenda items, are present at the next meeting.

Morozova has also commented on Geraschenko's obscene statement blaming Republics of derailing the talks on February 27.

"This is an insult for all Donbass residents. (Kiev's) indifference towards their fates has not changed since 2014. Such attitude fuels enmity, strife and hate, which is counter to our idea of peace restoration in Donbass."

The Ukrainian side at the humanitarian group talks in Minsk has derailed the meeting on Wednesday. *ot