Donetsk, June 23 – DAN. The DPR delegation to the Contact Group has detailed the situation at the negotiations to the new political group Co-ordinator from the OSCE Sylvie-Agnes Bermann.

"We told Ms.Bermann about the state of affairs with respect to the road map we filed but have not received a reply from the Ukrainian side in nine months. We asked her to do everything to unblock the work of the political subgroup and embark on a meaningful discussion of the Road Map," she said.

Nikonorova also expressed her gratitude to Pier Morel who worked as the Co-ordinator of the subgroup for seven years and voiced hope for the new Co-ordinator to contribute to normalization of the talks.

The Contact Group talks have been in a deadlock since summer 2020, when Ukraine endorsed a decree on local elections. Its Article 4 is at odds with the Minsk Agreements. A suggestion was tabled to develop a road map to revive the political subgroup talks.

The DPR and LPR filed their drafts in October 2020, Ukraine responded after a month presenting a document with 78 pc of articles violating the Minsk Agreements. *ot