Donetsk, Mar 28 - DAN. Serbian writer Dragana Mrdja supported the petition «Stop Fake Elections in Ukraine!» She told the Donetsk News Agency that the situation where millions of Ukrainians were denied participation in the upcoming vote was inadmissible in modern society.

“In Serbia, these principles and values were repeatedly violated, so we understand the double standards policy very well,” the writer said.

Freedom of expression and freedom of choice are the key principles of a democratic system, she added.

Earlier reports said that European countries activists urged the international community not to recognise the upcoming presidential election in Ukraine as Kiev denied the voting right to millions of Ukrainians living in Russia and Donbass. The petition Stop Fake Elections in Ukraine was published on the international platform.

The presidential election in Ukraine is scheduled for March 31. According to the latest reports, 39 presidential candidates were registered, a record number in the history of independent Ukraine. Ukraine set up 101 voting stations in 72 countries across the world including Australia, Poland, Canada, Germany, Georgia, the Republic of the Congo and the partially recognised Kosovo. Meanwhile, millions of Ukrainians living in Russia cannot realise their voting right. The Ukrainian Central Election Commission eliminated the voting stations in Russia moving them to Georgia, Kazakhstan and Finland.*jk