Donetsk, Nov 23 – DAN. Ukrainain troops supervised by Western instructors have begun drilling fighting in a city in chemically contaminated area, said DPR People's Militia deputy chief-of-staff Eduard Basurin.

"Recently, Ukrainian troops retrained at the 199th training center in Zhitomir have commenced studying assault tactics in chemically contaminated area mainly in the city environment."

City mockups resembling DPR and LPR cities have been set up at the training range of the center.

Over 50 foreign instructors are present in the training center supervising city assault, storm and clear building and mine engineering programs.

After the drills troops are to be sent in Donbass where foreign instructors observe practical exams. The studies time has been contracted from six to two months due to the lack of troops in the JFO zone.

Earlier British experts arrived in Donbass to prepare chemical attacks. *ot